Clayton County, Iowa

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Contact information is available for most cemeteries in Clayton County.  There are some cemeteries that are not in the provided list. 
Cemetery Name Responsible Party's Contact Information
Asbury Cemetery Mrs. George Porter, PO Box 161, Edgewood, IA 52042
Bethel Cemetery Diane Johnson, 35273 Hwy 52, Guttenberg, IA 52052
Bolsinger Cemetery Betty Hinzman, 39046 Graham Rd, Colesburg IA 52035
Brown Cemetery %Carol Brown, 38245 Colesburg Rd, Colesburg IA 52035
Cass Twp./County Corners Mark Zwanziger, 108 W Mission St, PO Box 9, Strawberry Point, IA 52076
Clayton Center (Zion) Mary Leete, 24413 Heron Ave, Elkader, IA 52043
Clayton Twp. Cemetery Carolyn Koopman, 29849 220th St, Garnavillo, IA 52049
Communia Cemetery Donald Muller, 24674 Hazel Road, Elkport, IA 52044
Council Hill Cemetery Stan Marovets, 12854 Hickory Ave, Monona, IA 52159
East Clermont Perp.Care Comm. Matt Erickson, PO Box 118, Postville, IA 52162
Eastside Cemetery/Ladies' Frank Phippen, 300 Chestnut St SE, Elkader, IA 52043
Elk Valley Cemetery Glenn Gleason, 39275 Ideal Rd, Greeley, IA 52050
Eno Cemetery Bill Eno, 16766 Dove Ave, Luana, IA 52156
Farmersburg/Wagner (F & W) Clark Wikner, 17329 Hwy 52, Farmersburg, IA 52047
First Lutheran Cemetery Edith Nading, 316 Prospect St, McGregor, IA 52157
Friedlein Cemetery Bob L. Behrend, 35463 Millville Rd, Colesburg, IA 52035
Garnavillo Community Paul Bischoff, 405 N Rutland St, Garnavillo, IA 52049
Giard Cemetery Robert Meyer, 26591 Giard Rd, McGregor, IA 52157
Goshen Cemetery Shirley Kimball, 28481 Great River Rd, Guttenberg, IA 52052
Greenhill Cemetery Duane Weyant, 507 S Webster St, Edgewood, IA 52042
Guttenberg City Cemetery Claude Wingfield, PO Box 134, Guttenberg, IA 52052
Hansel's Cemetery Lyle Morley, 124 Pleasant St, Osage, IA 50461
Hillcrest Cemetery Joyce McClintock, 102 Volga St, Volga, IA 52077
Immaculate Conception Cem. Marvin Errthum, 39185 Errthum Rd, Holy Cross, IA 52053
Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery Joyce Horstman, 26992 Hazel Rd, Elkport, IA 52044
Lodomillo Twp. Cemetery %Alvin Scott, 217 E Mission St, Strawberry Point, IA 52076
Luana City Cemetery Association Joyce Heins, 12465 Hwy 18, Postville, IA 52162
Marion Cemetery Larry Landsgard, 18239 Gunder Rd, St. Olaf 52072
Mederville Cemetery Mary Bankes, 28831 Empire Rd, Elkader, IA 52043
Monona Cem. Association %Jim Middendorf, 300 Jim Burger Blvd, Monona, IA 52159
Mount Harmony Cemetery Helen Jennings, 33794 Jupiter Rd, Garber, IA 52048
Mt.Olivet/St.Mary's Cemetery Gary Westhoff, 28128 Hwy 52, Guttenberg, IA 52052
Musfeldt Cemetery Larry Willie, 34048 Hilton Rd, Edgewood IA 52042
National Cemetery Association Larry Fritz, 27323 Ivory Rd, Garnavillo, IA 52049
Norway Cemetery Association %Chuck Eaton, Jr., 101 Reimer St SW, Elkader, IA 52043
Pioneer Rock Church Kevin Clefisch, 108 S Main St, Garnavillo, IA 52049
Pleasant Grove Cemetery Edith Nading, 316 Prospect St, McGregor, IA 52157
Reed Cemetery Barb Nolda, 423 Commercial St, Strawberry Point, IA 52076
Ross Cemetery/Sperry Township Mildred Stewart, 31086 Crystal Rd, Strawberry Point, IA 52076
Sacred Heart Cemetery %Jennifer Ciesielski, PO Box 135, Volga, IA 52077
St. John's Cemetery Lola Meyer, 28375 Miners Creek Rd, Guttenberg, IA 52052
St. John's Cemetery (Gooding) %Beth Foels, Treas., PO Box 84, Farmersburg, IA 52047
St. John's Cemetery (Luana) Bette Keehner, 1920 E. Brunson St, Prairie Du Chien, WI 53821
St. Joseph's Cemetery %Sandy Hakert, 302 Cedar St. NW, Elkader, IA 52043
St. Mary's Cemetery Tim Schloss, 118 W Mission St, POB 560, Strawberry Point, IA 52076
St. Michael's Cemetery Lawrence/JoMarie Thein, 34228 Hilton Rd, Edgewood, IA 52042
St. Pat's Cemetery %Ron Wille, PO Box 352, Monona, IA 52159
St. Paul's Cemetery Wendy Bentien, 13583 Fox Ave, Monona, IA 52159
St. Sebald Cemetery Mark Zwanziger, 217 Eder St, Strawberry Point, IA 52076
St. Wenceslaus Cemetery %Ron Wille, PO Box 352, Monona, IA 52159
Union Cemetery Sheldon Clinton, 605 N. Main, PO Box 57, Elkader, IA 52043
Wagner Township Cemetery Vivian Walter, 28747 145th St, McGregor, IA 52157
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